Meet the Staff

Hola! Y Bienvenidos al hospital de animales de North Hills.

Estoy muy orgullosa de servir a la comunidad hispana y a mis compratriotas colombianos.

Hice mis estudios pre profesionales en Georgia State University en énfasis en Biología y luego me transladé a Universidad de Georgia para mi doctorado en veterinaria.

Antes de graduarme, trabajé en el campo de la veterinaria por 10 años ayudando a otros veterinarios y haciendo trabajo comunitario. Además de mi grado veterinario, tengo entrenamiento especializado en cirugía ortopédica.

Soy miembro activo de AVMA, GVMA y también soy acreditada por el Departamento de Agricultura de Estado Unidos- USDA.

​Espero conocerlos pronto!

Dr. Yanneth Shuykin DVM


My name is Manuel and I am sure many of you still remember me from years ago.

I worked with Drs Rouvet and Waters and then Dr. Reddy. I recently found out that Dr. Jeannette bought the hospital.

Back in 2002, Dr. Jeannette and me worked together as veterinary assistant at an animal hospital in Lawrenceville. I am happy to be back to North Hills and glad to see many familiar faces.

Manuel Gonzalez


Ariadna Shuykin

Reception Assistant

Kitten care and adoption specialist

My name is Ariadna and I am the youngest and newest employee. I have an interest in veterinary medicine.


I love kittens and I always take care of them when someone brings one in. Currently, I am actively involved in kitten nursing, rescue and adoptions.

If you would like to adopt a kitten, please do not hesitate to contact me through our instagram at northhillsatlantavet :)

Thor is an English Cream Golden Retriever and he is a very important staff member at North Hills. 


Thor is our blood donor!!

So far Thor has saved the life of many of our precious patients. 

Because of his important role, every time Thor donates blood he goes under hospitalization until we make sure he is back to normal. 

He loves cats although cats sometimes don't appreciate when he checks on them.

We keep Thor very healthy by administering his heartworm and flea prevention on monthly basis. He is under daily physical exams as Dr. Shuykin is his owner.


Blood Donor

Customer care, greeting and entertainment

Patient playmate