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Meet the Staff

Hola! Y Bienvenidos al hospital de animales de North Hills.

Estoy muy orgullosa de servir a la comunidad hispana y a mis compratriotas colombianos.

Hice mis estudios pre profesionales en Georgia State University en énfasis en Biología y luego me transladé a Universidad de Georgia para mi doctorado en veterinaria.

Antes de graduarme, trabajé en el campo de la veterinaria por 10 años ayudando a otros veterinarios y haciendo trabajo comunitario. Además de mi grado veterinario, tengo entrenamiento especializado en cirugía ortopédica.

Soy miembro activo de AVMA, GVMA y también soy acreditada por el Departamento de Agricultura de Estado Unidos- USDA.

​Espero conocerlos pronto!

Hello and Welcome to North Hills Animal Hospital!

Most of you know me as Dr. Jeannette. I am originally from Colombia.

I finished my undergraduate studies at Georgia State University and received my DVM degree from the University of Georgia in 2013. I hold severaI certificates in advanced orthopedic surgery and I am member of the AVMA and I am USDA accredited.

Years ago I worked as a relief veterinarian and I noticed how expensive a veterinary visit could be! Therefore, when I bought North Hills, I made a commitment to provide high quality medicine at a reasonable fee for all. North Hills is a one doctor practice.

For fun, I ride my motorcycle to the GA mountains. I live with my teens, 6 cats and one dog-Thor. 

Dr. Yanneth Shuykin DVM
and Midas, The Magic Cat

natalia website.jpg

I am lifelong animal lover. I grew up in Guayaquil, Ecuador where I developed my passion for animals at a young age as my family raised numerous animals in our household.


I later earned a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the Universidad Agraria del Ecuador and I am currently pursuing the recognition for get my credentials by the American Veterinary Medical Association.


I live with my husband Paul and my four dogs: Peluso, Lengui, Caramelita, and Einstein. I have dreams to one day work with animals in Africa.

Veterinary Assistant 
Pictured with Tony "In loving Memory"

Julie website_edited.jpg

I was born and raised in Roatán, Honduras I came to the United States 7 years ago.

I graduated from lakeside High school and I’m a current part time student at Georgia State university.

I’ve always had an enormous amount of love for animals, they’re always there for us and always happy to see us! I’m extremely happy that I have the opportunity to work with animals and always expect something different everyday.


I have a fur child, Cami my bunny



I was born in Piedras Negras, Mexico City, raised in Atlanta, Ga. I graduated from Elizabeth Andrews in 2009.


Since a young age I had a passion for animals, growing up my brother and I had a sheep dog, parakeets and a tank full of gold fish. Pets are wonderful companions for children and adults.


I can honestly say my fur baby Dumpling bring nothing but joy to my household. One of my life long dream is to travel to Thailand and visit Monkey Island, that’s an experience that I know I will remember for the rest of my life.

Pictured with Max

Leslie website.jpg

I’ve always loved animals, particularly dogs and cats. I have a Jack Russell who has received the absolutely best care from Dr. Shuykin and at a very reasonable cost.


So many folks have a rough time funding their pet’s medical needs so anything I’m able to do to assist that effort is a gift to me as well.

Having retired, I am so happy to spend additional time with pups and kitties at North Hills. And many of the “parents” of these babies (no matter their age) are wonderful as well.


Having the opportunity to experience such meetings and the gift of the “kisses” is just the best.

Beloved Receptionist Part Time


My name is Ariadna and I am the youngest and newest employee. I have an interest in veterinary medicine.


I love kittens and I always take care of them when someone brings one in. Currently, I am actively involved in kitten nursing, rescue and adoptions.

If you would like to adopt a kitten, please do not hesitate to contact me through our instagram at northhillsatlantavet :)

Ariadna Shuykin

Reception Assistant

Kitten care and adoption specialist


Blood Donor

Customer care, greeting and entertainment

Patient playmate

Thor is an English Cream Golden Retriever and he is a very important staff member at North Hills. 


Thor is our blood donor!!

So far Thor has saved the life of many of our precious patients. 

Because of his important role, every time Thor donates blood he goes under hospitalization until we make sure he is back to normal. 

He loves cats although cats sometimes don't appreciate when he checks on them.

We keep Thor very healthy by administering his heartworm and flea prevention on monthly basis. He is under daily physical exams as Dr. Shuykin is his owner.

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